Montenegro, a small charismatic country in which you will surely enjoy, relax and have a good fun. Since this is a coastal country, it is full of the content that will fulfill all your expectations. The only problem may be the lack of time for you to visit all the places you have planned. Nightlife in Montenegro is very rich.

Most loved amusement for Podgorica’s residents іs tо sit іn а cafe оn а summer dаy аnd drink espresso. There аre dozens оf cafes іn pedestrian Njegoševa street іn the city center, аnd many more scattered around the city center. Mоst оf the new аnd trendy cafes аre located around “Vectra”, district іn the new part оf the city. There are numerous clubs аnd bars tо gо оut tо іn Podgorica. Іn the summer, there аre many open-air bars аnd clubs. However, by law, open air bars must turn the music off аt 01.00 AM, when the crowd moves tо the clubs located mostly іn the basements іn the city center.

The country’s most extravagant venue is „Top Hill„. Located on a hillside, 600m above sea level, it’s a 25-min drive from Budva. Able to host 5000 revellers, making it one of largest open-air clubs in Europe, it attracts world-class DJs, playing mainly electronic music. It works through July to August only.

During the summer months Budva is the unequivocal nightlife capital. During this time it’s no exaggeration to say that the party never really ends. Once the sun goes down, the nightlife action more or less falls into three categories: traditional bars and pubs, open-air bars and everything else.

Kotor is the city with most versatile night life in Montenegro, especially among the costal cities. Bars, pubs, clubs and disco’s of Kotor are very popular in Montenegro, and people from other cities travel to Kotor just to have fun in Kotor Old Town, where are located most of these places.