Sports & Activities

Besides reach cultural heritage, eventful history and incalculable nature beauties Montenegro has one more very important trump: it is a destination of those to like active holidays, either enjoying in extreme sports or usual recreation, which is certainly one more reason for visiting us and to enjoy.

If you like to feel courageous, Montenegro offers a few attractive extreme sports. Nevertheless you are not of those „types“ who like challenges or the very thought of jumping from heights or diving at great depths give you the creeps, we believe and we are sure about that, by all means you should try some of „adrenalin“ sports. Anyway, it is just well controlled dose of adrenal.

The first on the list is certainly jumping from 40 meters high metal construction – „bungee jumps“. Jump is at Slovenska beach in Budva, and jumping is real experience. About „bungee” world known as one of the most attractive extreme sports it is sufficiently said, so just hold your breath, think of something nice, jump and in front of you there are entirely new challenges and unrepeatable feeling.

For those wanting to see Montenegro from bird perspective, choice may be a paragliding. At the mounting which overtops bay of Bečići there is Brajići, a place which is the most known paragliders’ destination at the Adriatic. Airfield is on 760 meters of altitude and up there is unseen sight, a view on bay of Budva, sky meeting the sea, breathtaking panorama. Mild air streams will lead you to the marvelous beach of Bečići and during the flight, besides all courage you have inside, you will experience unusual beauty of this extreme sport, which ones experienced you become devoted for ever.

As unforgettable it will also be water skiing which represents one of the most interesting „adrenalin“ sports. Besides being driven at sea by fast powerboats, you can try skiing at cable car at beach of Bečići and by doing that you will become one of the numerous enthusiasts of sea exhibitions.

For adventurers searching for the amazing world hidden in sea depths, we recommend scuba-diving, because the under sea of coast of Montenegro is a challenge for the divers for centuries. Hidden treasure is waiting for you and wandering trough sea depths and learning with not yet known world, surly represents real adventure.

Except extreme sports, Montenegro offers most various forms of recreation, so everyone who comes to spend the holiday has the opportunity to choose the activities by their own. They can choose walking, jogging and biking along trim lines and numerous courts by the seaside are attractive for all who like team sports.

If you also like to be active during beach staying you don’t have to worry because at almost every of them there are volleyball courts, while at some of them there are enclosed water polo courts for the water sports enthusiasts.

For those who like calm sailing there are pedaling and beach canoes by which you may discover many hidden beaches and bays and enjoy in Riviera of Budva.

On the large beach in Ulcinj, you can enjoy water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, catamaran sailing…